Youth Bowling

Money Back Guarantee

Imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of your child’s voice begging you to get them to school as quickly as possible. They’re excited because today is “bowling day” - their day for after school league bowling at Les & Jim’s!

Over 50 million people bowl every year and let’s face it - kids LOVE bowling. Be your child’s hero and sign them up them for an activity you already know they love - bowling!

A 6 Reasons For Your Child To Join A Youth Bowling League...

1 - Your child will never “sit the bench”

  • Everyone plays each week!

2 - A safe way to hang out with friends

  • Bowling buddies are friends for life and Les & Jim’s is a safe place to meet new friends!

3 - More money in your pocket - less expensive than most other sports and activities

  • Sessions start for as little as $4 per week.
  • Plus - all equipment is provided for FREE!
  • Three FREE games of practice bowling each week

4 - Keeps kids active & healthy - everyone can do it!

  • Physical activities like bowling increase metabolism, tone & strengthen muscles, and give a needed boost to kids immune systems.

5 - Will not interfere with homework or other school priorities

  • With a commitment of only one or two days a week, students are able to better focus on their academic success
  • Make up bowling at a time of your choice in case of a conflict with an appointment, illness, or other activity.

6 - Tons of extras just for league bowlers...

  • 3 FREE practice games each week.
  • Coaching on lanes help your child knock down more pins.
  • Awards and recognition honoring your child’s accomplishments.

a list of leagues at Les & Jim's

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